About Us

Welcome to My School Satya Surabhi: a vision for equality, for education, for the right of every child to call a place “My School”.

Nestled in the verdant Attuvampatti valley of the Palani hills, there is a small school, which gives free education to more than 200 children.

It was started by a woman who could not bear to see children toiling in the fields or wasting away their time because their parents did not have the money to send them to school.

She called it "My School Satya Surabhi" - so that every child who studies there will have a place to call "MY SCHOOL". This is a secular non-profit educational institution managed by the Satya Surabhi Trust (Regd).

My School Satya Surabhi was started by Padmini & Ram Mani in 1999 with a motive to provide quality and value based education to children of farm labourers, petty vendors and the underprivileged members of the community, regardless of caste, religion or gender. Recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu, the school provides education from Nursery up to class 8.

Featured in the national media and awards programs My School Satya Surabhi is a benchmark and model for other educational institutions.

My School Satya Surabhi provides a free value-based and bi-lingual education (English/Tamil) from kindergarten to class 8 for the marginalized children of the rural community.

Education has become costly, and underprivileged children are left out of competitive systems. For working class families survival itself is the issue as they struggle to spend on the kids’ education.

The Trust

Satya Surabhi Trust, Board of Trustees